September 19th, 1951

Bondegatan 20, Vasteras

19th September-51.

My dear Omar!

            It comes here a little letter from me. I am actually anxious about that you have not got my last letter with my photograph. I sent it about three weeks ago. You see, I have heard that there are many letters which disappear during the travelling.

In spite of all I hope, you have got my letter.

Please write soon to me and I hope you have not anything against me and for that I wrote this letter. But you see I am thinking of you every day and therefore the suspense of your letter are so long.

Kind regards to you.

Yours sincerely



November 4th, 1951

Boudegatan 20, Vasteras

4th November 1951

My dear Omar,

                   Many thanks for your letter! I was so pleased to hear from you again. Yes, I understand so well, you have a lot to do now when school has started, and it is always much to do in the beginning of the term. Your interest in sport takes a plenty of time too.

The winter has also set in here in Sweden, and I feel like to be indoors. Today I have looked into my books from Cambridge and picturesque Britain. In the one of the books there are some pictures from Christ’s College. I can’t help feeling a bit longing for Cambridge. I enjoyed my stay there very much indeed. I hope I am able to come there again.

I begin school at 8 o’clock every morning and finish at 2 o’clock. So long it was not so cold I rode on my bike, but now I must go with bus. I have over 1 English mile to the school. When I came home to my room I prepare the lessons of the next day. The time, which is over, I improving myself in the English by reading English books. But it is difficult to choose good books. I have red Pygmalion of B. Shaw which I bought in England, I have also seen the Picture with the saver news this autumn. Once week I take part in a English conversation.

I’m very fond of reading new books in Swedish. Just now I red an English book “The End of the Affair” of Graham Greene. Very good book. I can tell you, that I have red a book about India. The author is a Swedish lady (Hanna Rydl) who tell of her journey in India. Very interesting and I remember, she describes specially Ceylon as a lovely country. Have you been there? Well I red that book, I thought of you and wondered where you have your home in India. I should like to know it. You told me, when I was in Cambridge, but I have forgotten it.

Sometimes I go to the Picture and the Theatre and sometimes I play bridge.

Fourteen days ago I was in Stockholm, where all Hill-Side-people met. Charlie (do you remember him from the Grantchester trip?) showed us film from Cambridge and London, which he had filmed himself. You can believe we had an awfully jolly time. We talked and talked and looked at photographs from England. Perhaps we are meeting again and then we are going to the Opera.

I have been at home by my parents in Tibro for four days this October. I had there a very good time. We had holidays you see. Our Christmas – holidays begin on the 20th of December and finish on the 8th of January. How long time are you free this winter?

Are you going to Switzerland or where are you going to celebrate Christmas? By your Aunt in Lowestaft maybe? I am going home to Tibro and celebrating Christmas.

Do you know when you are coming to Sweden next summer? If you are coming and I hope so, I’m quite willing to show you around, if you like. The summer is the best season to go to Sweden, when it is so beautiful here. I promise, that I will do all I can to make you feel at home. Does Dhrien follow with you here?

You asked me if I had a photograph of myself in a dress. Yes, I have some, but only the copies.

In next letter I promise to send one, when they are developed. The photograph, which you got perhaps was too big. I’m sorry, but I had no smaller.

Well dear I think, I must end now and I hope you will write so before long.

If you see Dhrien give him my kindest regards will you?

I apologize for my bad English.

Yours sincerely



December 27th, 1951


February 11th, 1952

Vasteras, 11th February 1952

                  My dear Omar,

                                    Thank you so very much for your letter. I’m always so glad to hear from you. I should have written last week, but you see, when I had sat me down to write you, some friends of mine dropped in only to chatter a little while. This happened some times and last weekend three of my friends, who lived with me at Hill-Tide in Cambridge, called on me here in Vasteras. We had a quite nice time, but I’m sorry Keratin and Charlie, do you know, were not present.

                  Tomorrow I shall go to “English conversation” and after the meeting I have invited our English lady to a cup of tea with me. I then hope getting a little practice in English.

                  I should love to get a photograph of yourself with beard. I’m seeing forward to your next letter! I remember, you had a bit beard, when I saw you in Cambridge.

                  It’s jolly cold here now and last week it was snowing very much but I have only skiing once. However I can’t helping feeling a bit long for the spring.

                  I understand that you cannot be sure about your trip to Sweden. It’s just February, and you must of course first and foremost think of your exam. – Four weeks ago I read in the newspaper, that its very difficult for he English to go abroad, because the currency has reduced to only £25. Here I hope that everything will arrange itself. I’m looking forward to see you – don’t worry, I have no boyfriend.

                  But I don’t think you can count about taking work around the places you visit. It’s namely very difficult to get temporary work here.

                  I finish my school on 12th June. They know English and a little French in Sweden, but all people (persons) don’t speak English and French. But I hope I will be able to learn some Swedish. I feel like going to England or Scotland this summer. But I’m not sure, I shall see.

                  On the 23rd Febr. I’m going to Tibro. We are free some days. That will be wonderful. What are you going to do this Easter? Have you long holidays? I should like to skiing in the Swedish mountains but I’m afraid all rooms are take because there are many people during Easter. Last Easter I was in Copenhagen, calling on a friend of mine.

                  Well my dear I’m so tired now and it’s about time for me to say so long for the present. Tomorrow I have lots of work.

                  Write soon and don’t forget the photograph! Many hugs from me.

With lots of love.




April 3rd, 1952

Vasteras 3-4-52

My dear Omar,

                  Send you a Easter – greeting and hope you are well.

                  The thought just occurred to me that I have now heard that it is not so difficult to get work in Sweden at the farmers in the country. I’m sure you will get one. Otherwise I understand, that it’s difficult to make a little money or go a long way. If you want, I can write a list of things which you can buy for me in England, and when you come here to Sweden, you get Swedish money from me. And you know: is it something you wrote, I can help you, just write to me!

Now it’s not so long time left to the summer.

                  I hope to hear from you soon. Don’t forget the photograph as you promised me.

                  Cheerio. Kindest regards.




May 5th, 1952

Vasteras, 5-5-52

                  My dear Omar,

                                    Many, many thanks for your letter. I was glad to get one from you again. I had nearly given up hope to hear from you more. You wrote in your letters, that you was wondering why I had not replied to your last letter. Dear Omar, I got a letter from you in the end of January and I wrote in the middle of February. Since I have not heard from you either your or my letter have been lost during the journey. Evidently one cannot trust in the post office. Well, now it is alright again. I understand that you have full with work now quite near the exam. But soon it is over. When do you pass your exam? And then the whole will be finish with priorities as like balls, doesn’t it? Then I should like to be in Cambridge.

                  I’ll be glad to see you in Summer. You are very welcome here! I wonder, if you are going to visit Norway, Danmark and Finland too or if you will only stay in Sweden?

                  Do you want, that I shall arrange any work for you or is it best to wait till you arrive in Sweden? Well, write in your next letter, how you are somewhat going to spend the time in Scandinavia (Sweden), which places, you should like to see, how much you want to meet me etc. And then I shall write, what I can do for you. Book place on the boat good time I think, it is boat. Are you going to take the boat for Gothenburg? I finish my school 12th of June and then I am free for 2 ½ months. Now we have a wonderful weather, the spring has come.

                  Every day I take lessons of car driving and I hope to pass my test before the summer. Last Monday I saw a very good picture namely “A streetcar named Desire”. Have you seen it? If you are able to do it I ere very obliged for you, if you would buy some things as powder lipstick etc. because they are cheaper to get in England then Sweden. You know that you get Swedish money from you! in my next letter, I give you a list of this things. I had an Easter card from Dhrien, where he wrote that he is coming to Sweden. He has got a job: Eshilstuna.

                  Well dear I must end now. Soon it is only one months left till we shall see each other. Write soon.

With lots of love



May 12th, 1952


My dear Omar, 

Just a little greeting from Hockholm. I am here (free today) shopping & calling on my brother-in-law (my brother is namely in Copenhagen). We have had a very nice time last Saturday we were at the theater and yesterday we were driving my brother's car several miles. My brother & his wife are going to France for the whole summer. I am allowed to have their flat in Stockholm, where we can cook & be sometimes, when you visit our capital. I hope you are well & got my letter alright. Glad to see you.

Yours Margaretha


May 22nd, 1952

Vasteras, 22th May 1952. 

My dear Omar, 

                                    Very many thanks for your kind letter. I earnest say, what glad I am to see you here! It will be very nice it seems me, that your plans are well.

                  And I’m so pleased that you wanted to meet us first. I had all the time hoped for celebrating the Wideummertime with you. Now it seems as though it will be realized. The Midsummer is a grand holiday, when all people is cheerful.

                  I finish my school the 12th June, and you can come earlier then 17th June, if you are able to do it. And it is a very good time to arrive in Hockholm in June, because my brother and his wife are back in Hockholm in August. A while ago I spoke to them on the telephone. We are with pleasure allowed to stay and cook in their flat. It is wonderful to be somewhere when the weather is not so good. It will be very nice to show you Hockholm, and sometimes we can bike in surroundings of Hockholm. (You are allowed to borrow my brother’s cycle)

                  Regarding the price of lodging and food in Hockholm, I can tell you, that it will be as cheap as possible, because we do our own cooking. And I promise to inquire a cheap lodging for you. you are so kind in your letter. Dear Omar don’t think of being me grateful. You know, I do it with pleasure, because I love to see you here. The main point is, that you are enjoying your stay in Sweden.

                  What I can understand of your letter, you will stay with your friends in Denmark and join a student during the whole of July. If you then in August are coming back Sweden to work, I can inquire a job for you during the time, you are with your friends. And we can speak about it in Hockholm. I think it is best. And you know, if you want you are always welcome to my home in Tibro.

                  My brother a his wife leave Hockholm for France the 14th June. So you can be in Hockholm, already then. But it is one thing, I’m thinking of. How are you coming from Gothenburg to Hockholm? I should like to meet you in Gothenburg, but it is so long way to go there. After finishing my school I leave Vasteras for Stockholm. If you take the train I meet you at the station in Stockholm. But it is fairly expensive to go by train. Perhaps you can buy ticket from London – Stockholm in England? There id a through carriage up to Hockholm, which get there at 3 o’clock. If you hitch hike from Gothenburg up to Hockholm can you telephone me, when you get there. The address is Thunbergsgatan 18, Johanneshov. Telephone: 598657 My brothers name: Gustafsson, on the first floor I’m waiting for you there. But don’t forget the address!!!! If you hitch hike I’m sorry that I’m not so good in the English language, but I hope nevertheless that we shall understand each other. Please write in your next letter, which day you are arriving in Gothenburg. Enclosing a list of things, I wish, but if it will be too expensive, don’t care of buying everything. But you know, you will get Swedish money for the all things.

With lots of love



June 10th, 1952

Vasteras, 10th June 1952

My dear Omar,

                  Thank you so very much for your kind letter. It’s always so exciting to hear from you. And many thanks for the photograph of yourself. I like it very much. I understand you had a nice time in Switzerland.

                  Now I sincerely hope, you get your permit soon! I’m so worry, that you don’t get it at all. It was pity, that you couldn’t come on the 14th but of course the main point is, that you are coming before Midsummer. And I shall with pleasure meet you at the station in Hockholm. I long for that day.

                  Not it is soon the end of the term. Wonderful! Last Thursday I passed my test in cardriving. I was terrible nervous that day, but it succeeded. Now I hope just to borrow my father’s car some time!

                  I’m going to Hockholm on Friday the 13th, and I shall live in my brother’s flat.

I have secured a lodging for you in Hockholm from the 16th but if you are coming later, I shall inform the hostel.

                  When you wire to me, when you are leaving England, please write to: M. Gustafsson THUNBERGSGATAN 18I JOHANNESHOV. SWEDEN.

Don’t forget the address, if we don’t see each other at the station! But I’m sure, that we shall do it.

(Johanneshov is a suburb to Hockholm, it is 2 miles from the City of Stockholm.)

                  As we shall soon see each other, I end my letter with “Very welcome!” My kindest regards to Dhrien and hoping to see him too some time.

Now I hope you and Dhrien will enjoy your voyage to Sweden.

                  Please write or wire soon as you get to know the day, you are leaving England for Sweden. Cheerio till next time!

With lots of love



June 21st, 1952


October 17th, 1952

Bondegat 20, Vasteras, den 17-10 1952

My dear Omar,

                  Thank you again for your letter and the nice photographs. I like them very much and I’m so pleased to have them in my album. They are very well, indeed. I know, you have a good camera too, so even that photographs, I took on you, were well.

                  I must say, I didn’t think that I should hear from you more, so you can imagine, how happy I was, when I got a sign of life from you. Sorry to hear, that you have been so depressed, but I hope you are feeling better now, when your school has started and your friends have perhaps come back to Cambridge. Have you been all the time in Cambridge since you came back from Sweden? In that case I understand you, that it can be boring to be there and thinking of Riviers, where you don’t come.

                  I hope you got my postcard from Stockholm and I hope you recognize “Slussen”. I felt, that I was obliged to send one from there. Perhaps you will see “Slussen” more times. Dhrien didn’t come to Vasteras. I had a postcard from him from London. He wrote that he liked Sweden very much so perhaps he will come at Christmas. I suppose Ragnbuild is attracting. I haven’t got money from your friend yet, but I suppose he or she has not had time to send it.

                  Today I got a letter from Kerstin. She has left Manchester for Kent and got a job there for three months. I thought she was going back to Sweden but she seems to feel happy in England. Now she is nearer London, and I know, that she has all the time wished it.

                  As you know, I am still in Vasteras struggling with stupid children. This year I have an Italian boy in my class. He has been here three years, so he speaks Swedish. There are many Italian families here in Vasteras, who work in ASEA. The boy is very troublesome, of all people are complaining of him, he fights his fellows and does a lots of deviltry. But I like him, he is very cute indeed. Perhaps I have a weakness for dark-skinned.

                  I next week I’m going home to my parents. I am free for five days. Wonderful!

                  When I was in Hockholm last week I saw the Mexican Art Exhibition. Have you heard of it? It was very interesting. The problems of life and death the cheerful wood and devotion are involved as apart of the inspiration. Of course as you see, many things were very foreign to us in Scandinavia. Otherwise I have seen a Swedish picture with English text “The firebird”. Go and see that picture, when it is coming to Cambirdge and tell me then how do you like the Swedish actors pronunciation. The picture is like “the real shoes”, but not so long!!

                  Louis Armstrong has been in Vasteras. As I am very fond of his song, I decided to go and hear him, but I’m sorry I didn’t get any ticket.

                  Now it is autumn and here it is only raining. Give me the summer instead. I had a very nice time with my friends at the East coast. When I then came back to Stockholm, I visited “Millesgarden” and took some good photographs of the garden. Would you like to get them even if you didn’t see “Millesgarden”? And if you meet Dhrien, ask him, if he wants my photographs of “the garden” (he was there), so I shall send them. I got some ones of him, and here you are one of which I got doublet I must say, I like better “Prins Eugen’s Waldemarsndele” then “Millesgarden”.

                  You didn’t write, how did you like to be in Ostersund and how did you come to Maleno or Gothenburg. Did you hitchhike?

                  Please write soon. Even if we never see each other again, so I hope, that we don’t lose touch with each other. I should like to correspond with a man from another country and from another continent.

                  Enclosing a flag of Stockholm. This letter was too long, I think, so I had better to end it now! I send lots of love, hugs and kisses.




November 10th, 1952

Hello Omar,

       When I was in Tibro last week I got money from Anita Svedberg. Many thanks for them. I hope you are well and hope you got my letter alright.

Take care of yourself.

Best wishes,