JUNE 28TH, 1955

Tibro, 28th of June 1955

My dear Maj,

                                    Many, many thanks for your nice letter! I got it same day I finished my school. And now I have holiday and for the present I am in Tibro and have a good time. I shall be at home till the first week of August when I am going for fortnight to Paris-Cannes-Milano on the Riviera. I hope you got my greeting from Dalecarlia. On the 28th of August I start school again in Vasteras.

                  And now to your questions about a job in Sweden: I must say that it is very difficult for me to get you a job here, because I don’t know anybody, who can help you. you see, you must have a job so you can live. You know, we have rather high standard. Concerning reading English in Radio I don’t think about it. But this does not mean that there is no job for you. I think you can try to put an advertisement in some of our papers. Sometimes I read advertisements of Cambridge students or C-bridge B.A. who want job here.

                  But before: I should propose you turn to the Swedish legation in India or Pakistan and talk with them about job and permission. Or do write to the legations of Pakistan or India in Sweden. Perhaps they can help you with advertisement, etc. It is more certain to get information by them, because they speak English and they know everything about Sweden.

Here is addresses:

Pakistans Legation,

Smalandsgatan 7, Stockholm.

Indiska Legationen

Strandvagen 47, Stockholm.

 And the address of the biggest paper in Sweden:

Dagens Nyheter

Huvudkontoret, Stockholm

                  I hope that is will be successful for you to come to Sweden. I am glad to hear you like Sweden and I am seeing forward to meet you here again.

I must say you real were honest when you wrote and told me what you thought about me in Sweden. And may I say it I had all the time a feeling that you didn’t feel happy with me and I was very sorry about it. But the time we spent together in Cambridge was the most romantic of my life. Oh, Cambridge with you!

                  I enjoyed my Goteborg course, met many nice persons, but I had much to do with my course. Now I have competence intelligence testing children.

                  If I see you again I hope we shall have a nicer time together.

                  Write again and let me know what the legations say.

With lots of love

Yours Hugs from



september 30th, 1955

Hammerbygat. 2


30th September 55

My dear Maj,

                  Many thanks for your last letter, I got some days ago. Sorry to say I have not got your two letters, you write about! So please write again, what you had written before.

                  And now to your points.

                  I was today to the labour exchange in Vasteras and spoke with an inspector about you and he told me the following:

                  A foreigner, who intends to have a job here, has to being a working permit and sojouru permit before he leaves his country for an other country. There permits you get from the Swedish Embassy in Pakistan. But before you get there, you must leave a writing contract (from some undertaking) which says, that here in Sweden a job is waiting for you.

                  But how to get a job?

1. To insert an advertisement there is no sense, the inspector told me. It is impossible for me to find a temporary work for you. I have no connections, which can help you.

2. But I want to help you by giving an advice. Here is Vasteras there is a big big electric industrial undertaking, names ASEA, (I am sure you have heard about it) which is in connections with are world. ASEA has about 8000 officers, employees and workmen and among other things many many foreigners from all world. Now I will recommend you to write there. You can writeYou can write in English write your wishes, what you are interested of etc. (for instance a job in its office or administration). Do a copy of your certifications and qualifications and include them!!! But write yourself directly there!! It is the best.

Write to:


                                   ASEA, VASTERAS


(“Personalchefen” is the lead of employees)

Now I am not sure if you want to come to Vasteras, but I only know Vasteras.

3. You can come here to Sweden without working permit but then as a tourist. And when you have arrived here, you visit personally with your certifications etc. in your hand different kinds of undertaking in Stockholm, Vasteras or other with Cambridge University behind you. there are many foreigners, who have done so and have been succeeded. But you can then run the risk of being send back after three months, when your tourist permit is finished.

                  We have here in Vasteras another industrial undertaking you can write to, if you get a “no” from Asea namely

                  SVENSKA METALLVERKEN.

4. This is what I can do for you.

                  Well, Omar I hope you can read and try understand my letter. I really hope it will be happen for you to come to Sweden which you want. I am too looking forward to see you next year.

- Of course I enjoy my trip to the Riviera. There were twenty Swedish people on tha same travel. We visited Paris, Cannes and Milano. In Cannes we spend a week in “Centre International de la Jeunesse”. We bathed. It was wonderful in the comings we danced and walked among the polens (trees I’ve never seen before). I like the warn evenings there. I don’t like the winter, who is coming now. We visited Monaco Menton and the Alps- Dear Maj I stop my letter now and hope you have use my advices. Write soon again and post your letters yourself next time! I am going to buy a record: C’est magnifique "oh la la la.” Have you heard this music?

Hugs from yours



November 23rd, 1955


JANUARY 24TH, 1956

Hammarbygatan 2



24th January-56

                  My dearest Maj,

                                    Ever so many thanks for your letter, I got today. I immediately write to let you know that I haven’t heard from you for such long long time. Every day in two months I have been so disappointed: “oh, no letter from Pakistan today sorry sorry!” Only a X-mas card! The last letter I wrote to you was the answer of your fiancée. And I included two photographs of me. Have you got the letter and the photographs??

                  My dear Maj, you promised me to send a photograph of you (the passport photo) I have eagerly waited in two months!! Please write soon and tell me if you have sent me a letter, which I have not got. Did you get my X-mas card? It seems to be bad with postal service between Sweden – Pakistan, n’est pas?

                  Omar, I have no special boyfriend without I now wish that you sat here by me on my sofa.

                  There are some sentences in your letter I can’t understand, please write plainlier what you mean: ‘Why is it that because I meet someone who means smallering to me that – blank. I never have anything to hold onto?

                  “Will you see me if I should come?” you write. Certainly I won’t but do remember: I hope you don’t come to Sweden only because of me. You know I can’t help you to a job here, and I don’t want if you come here, that you will be dependent upon me. And then I am afraid that you ‘gild’ Sweden there in India. Have you really so nice memories of Sweden? Perhaps from Margareta (?) in Ostersand? Oh how I hated that train, which converyed you to her!! Do you hear anything from her? You don’t need answer of that question. I am not jealouse longer. Dear Omar, how I misunderstand you, that it is difficult for you to leave a pleasant job with good future. But when you don’t feel like there with the climate the girls and the social life so…

                  I must tell you something: A girlfriend of mine, who lived with me at Hill Side in Cambridge is getting married with a man from Assam in India. She met him in U.S.A. And next January they are going to Assam to stay there. Do you think that the (a Swedish girl) will feel happy there?

                  Have you any contact with Dhrien? I got a X-mas card from him. He was getting married in January. Kerstin got an invite to his wedding!

                  Here in Sweden it is very very cold. We have ice and snow.

                  My dearest Maj, I think you have your birthday on the 31st of Jan. Are you 25 years? I think of you often and kiss you

Please write immediately and don’t forget a photo of you.

Lots of love hugs a many kisses from Margaretha


February 22nd, 1956

Vasteras, 22-2-56

My dearest Maj,

                                    Ever so many thanks for your letter and the photographs. I am very glad for them. I like them all there, but I think I prefer you without moustache.

                                    Sorry hearing you haven’t got my two photographs, but I now include another two.

                                    Oh, how I love your letters, you write so nicely! And I enjoy your English. I am afraid writing you, because I don’t know English so very much and I have no practice. Now I use dictionary. I should wish I could speak, joke and understand the differences in the languages. You see, one cannot be oneself, when one speaks a foreign language. It’s much easier to read then to listen. But when you come here I shall teach you Swedish. I am too last studying English.

                                    What do your parents say when you leave India to Europe? I can easy understand, they are not happy for it. Tell me, what are you going to do, when you arrive in England?

                  If you leave Bombay on the 27th of March, when do you get England?

                  Can I send you a postcard to you during your journey? Which are your address in England?

                                    You wrote these wonderful words about my Hill Side friend’s marriage: “The marriage can be very happy it both husband and wife are willing to give a lot and take only a little from each other.” Yes, if both have the attitude to the life, so the marriage must be happy but I think it is the most difficult of all, isn’t it?

                                    I am so glad because I am going to Norway to the Easter. It is a friend of mine and I, who are going to ski there. My girlfriend has a big car, so we shall go there by car. I should wish you were in Norway too.

                  There is very very cold snow now. I feel cold outdoors, but I feel happy in my nice flat. Now I am seeing forward to the summer. My holidays starts on the 12th of June.

                  Write soon again and tell me if you got the letter and my two photos.

Lots of love



May 28th, 1956

Vasteras 28-5 1956.

My dearest Maj,

                  Many thanks for your longed letters. I had almost given up the hope hearing from you. I was very very sorry to hear about your sickness and mental. I now understand why no letters have come from Pakistan. One is not able to write letters when one is sick. But I really hope that you are soon alright again.

My dear Maj, I am thinking of you!!! and I should wish that I were near Dacea, so I could see your sometimes.

I am sure, I have a feel, that you will be more happy in Europe where the people and the climate are more convenient for you.

                  We have springtime now here in Sweden. Wonderful springtime, how I love this season! People revives again after the “winter-trance.” Everyone is glad and nice.

I finish my school in Vasteras on the 12th of June. Then I am going to my parents in Tibro. I am not sure how I shall spend my holidays, but I think I am being at home during June-July. My sister-in-law and her two children are coming on the Midsummer and staying the whole summer in Tibro! It will be very nice. In August I want to go to the West Coast.

                  My dear Maj, this letter is not so long, but English is not so easy to write for me. If I could transform myself into a little fly so I should follow this letter to you. I am seeing forward to a new photograph of you! I hope you liked my two photographs. Take care of yourself!

With lots of love, hugs and kisses