Omar Majid is the stranger I

met on my living room floor.


A metal trunk marked, 'O.MAJID' was spotted at Toronto's Rose Antiques' Closing Down Forever sale. The shop owner claimed the trunk was originally acquired from an East Toronto estate sale. "It's filled with stuff. I haven't had time to look through it," the shopkeeper warned. For the price of forty dollars the exchange was final with one caveat, "If you find bonds, call me."

Hundreds of photographs, negatives, hand written letters and objects rest inside and soon created a paper carpet on my hardwood floor.

A Young Man's Follies is, in a sense, a collection of 

youth through letters of love & friendship, photographs,

thing-a-ma-bobs, maps and more buried for decades.


I haven't met Omar.

What I know about his story is strung together by roughly-patched-pieces of information, places, dates, and characters discovered through hours of transcribing. A recommended hobby during the depths of Canadian winter. Consider all statements fiction unless otherwise confirmed by the mystery man himself, whom I've grown to admire. If he ever sees this, I hope Omar feels the inspiration, romanticism and wonderment he has unknowingly given to so many of us. Thank you, wonderful stranger.



People watch through pictures. 


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Thing-a-ma-bobs. Thing-a-ma-jigs. Whatever you call 'em, take a gander at some objects retrieved from the deep.

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Get to know the women of Omar's youth whose relationship statuses range from it's complicated to oh darling, I can't live without you.

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