september 4th, 1951

Thursday 4.9.51

My dear Maj,

            I didn’t remember to thank you for the really nice coffee yesterday, so thank you very much indeed.

            I am enclosing the finnish stamps for Josephine. (?)

            And then, I don’t suppose you’ll come to London before I learn, but if, you know. I am living with Miss Trikle 38, Aberfoyle Rd, Streatham Vale, S.W. 16.

Your etc.



march 14th, 1952

Voikka 14th March, 1952

Thank you Omar for the long, nice letter. Very flattering for me indeed, to get my letter answerd first. I’m much obliged.

You told me you were feeling rather depressed when you wrote to me, so am I now. You see, that fiancé of mine, whom you’re calling a grand guy, hasn’t behaved satisfying. Far from it. Two weeks ago he went to the Midwinter-Ball of the University of Trondheim as representative for his faculty. I got a card and a letter from Oslo a few days after he’d left but since then….. nothing. He told me he would return to Abo yesterday and phone me in the evening, but he didn’t. I mean it isn’t like Stig. I don’t know what to think. We’ve always been joking about the charming Norwegian girls, so perhaps he has fallen in love with one of them. No, what I really think is that he wants to show me what it is like to wait for letters in vain. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to send him an official postcard with paid answer as he did, because he didn’t tell me his address. Anyway I don’t think I really grudge him the fun he may have. I have no right to do so.

Stig’s father felt sympathy for me last night, and we had some liquer together. He’s quite nice. So is Stig’s mother, but she hates all forms of C2H5OH. Stig’s mother and I wanted Stig to get technical practice somewhere abroad this summer, but after he had heard about the English student who is going to work in our mill from June to September (it is a long, long way form May…) he decided to stay here. So now Stig’s father has arranged practice for him in this company. I must say I have changed my mind and will be glad to have him here all the summer.

When we became engaged we decided to marry when Stig has got his diploma, but I don’t know, it will take one more year, and we’ve already been engaged almost two years. Stig thinks we could get married this summer, and live in the Student’s Home next winter. It sounds rather nice to me, but financially it is a bit problematic. We can’t expect our parents to support us when we are married and I don’t know whether my salary will be enough for us. So my suggestion is marriage in March, April 1953. It would only be a question of a few months till Stig could take a job then. What do you say?

If Stig shouldn’t be able to leave the University next spring, I think I’ll try to get the position at the Finnish Legation in Paris, which one of my friends has got now. She will marry next summer and return to Finland. But if I can manage to get it, I shall have to stay for two years. I wouldn’t mind it, but I do not dare even to tell Stig such plans. In any case they help me to take great interest in my French studies.

To the question of your marriage I don’t know what to say. One of my teachers once told us never to marry a foreigner, she said “a marriage is always a serious affair, that often gets a tragic end, and especially if the parts come from different countries with different manners and way of thinking.” But on the other hand. Lotte and you know each other fairly well and are, as you say, getting on very well, so why not. You said you know that she loves you, and you know that you love her, I think. And your parents’ marriage did turn out extremely well though they had the same problem to solve. I think you should ask your mother to advise you. you say Lotte’s parents would be against the marriage, they might, (but I don’t think so, after they’ve met you) but if so I don’t think their disapproval would last too long. Especially when they get a grandchild parents use to change their mind in these matters. Fortunately you needn’t bother about the question of language, but where will you settle down? And what about the religion? I think that is an important question too.

Anyway, as you will have to wait two or three years before you can get married, you will have time to wait two or three years before you can get married, you will have time to put your feelings to the test, and if you after this time still want to marry I don’t think you would let anybody prevent you from it. And I think that’s right.

C-------, can’t you see what it means? I thought you were a clever boy.

A Cambridge undergraduate and all that. It means Casanova of course. O, why did you go with the Finnish girl? And two times! I’m really disappointed. You serious was the water? Did you just sleep, or do you again use sleep in the meaning you gave it when you asked me once? If the fault is the Finnish girls why don’t you avoid them? I think you’d better do it.

Now I do have to end this letter, I’m going to visit Votka, a town about 2 hours journey from here.

Good luck in your exams!

I hope you do write now.

Hugs from Anita

Give my regards to Tony


august 6th, 1952

4. Lissane Hats, Fulford Rd,




My dear C…….,

Thank you for the letter. But, I have never heard anyone hitch-hiking to France on a Saturday. I have heard that if one does it before the 20th, it means bad luck! But lots of clever people hitch-hike to the nice beach in Scarborough just for the week-end. I wish I had got nearer friends.

Really, I am sorry, but we want to be able to meet, I can’t come to Cambs (snif!) before Saturday. It is a shame, but can’t be helped. How long will you stay in France? I hope to get a job there later, as you know, but I am afraid it is very uncertain as Stig and I are to be married on the 24th, the day after my return. Do you think we are silly?

I’d like to know what Lotte and you decided. Is she coming to France too?

Great shame you didn’t go to Finland to see all the sweet girls, and perhaps the Olympic Games. Stig was waiting you.

I have to finish now and start to work on my honeymoon nightie (Mrs Baranonshi says I shouldn’t write at such things, it isn’t the done thing in England she says. It isn’t in Finland either, but I am sure you don’t mind.

Please write sometimes.

Your Anita


october 18th, 1952

Vasten Strandgaten 7I



My dear Maj,

            Many thanks for your letter which was the first one I’ve got from you.

            I am sorry to hear that you are broke and have to work. That must be difficult for you!

            When I was in Ostersend I tried to get that “troll” we spoke about but they had none with Ostersend on the stomach for the moment, but I think they’ll get more for Crismas and I can send you one then.

            I am sorry you couldn’t go back to Christ. Why Dublin now? When do you think your father will decide something for you. Isn’t it soon too late to go to a university this term. It must be awful for you not to know what to do.

            I have a very nice time here in Upsala. I am living together with Ana and Elisabeth and we are working very hard. I am studying about 10-11 hours a day and I am never out dancing. I really hope I’ll be able to keep on reading like this. I feel very satisfied with myself. It take too much time being out with boys and I have finished with my boyfriend.

By the way I must tell you what I am reading for the moment – a book in 130 pages called The English Prepositions. It is very useful to me – as you know.

            I thank you  very much for the 10 pounds. I don’t know yet what to do with the dollars. I am fed up with them, but I think it is too little. I’d like to think of it a little. Hope to hear form you soon. Love Anita.


november 28th, 1952

28. 11. 1952.

Dear Maj

I’d only like to know if you have got the cash for the money I sent to Margaretha or not! Do write and tell me!



december 8th, 1952

V. Stiandg. F I


8. 12. 52

My dear Maj,

            Many thanks for your letter and the photos. I like especially the one of you in your duffle coat. It is very good – and alike!

            I am so sorry for what you told me in your letter. I wish I were with you in Cambridge just now – maybe I could be of some help to you.

            Have you any idea of what you want to do with yourself, Maj? Were you not able to go to one of the universities of Scotland? Does your father know that you haven’t got any money? He can’t just ignore you!

            It is a shame Maj that you didn’t go with me to Sweden. Instead of working as a porter, you could as well have taken a job in Sthlen – or in Upsala and we could have seen more of each other. As a matter of fact I have been thinking a good deal of you, and I want to see you again.

            You gave me much of your “I couldn’t care less” and I am thankful beacause I needed it, but you can’t go too far, and somewhere you must stop. I know it is difficult! You told me once that the only thing with living for was your parents. Do you remember that and think of them!

            You told me too that when you failed you realize that you could do something of your life, and that if you got another chance you would have a much better stack. That is fine, and you know you have still much to do. And if you can, do continue your studies! I hope so much that things will get arranged again. Do tell!

            As for myself I don’t care much for anything but my studies and my family. I have been out dancing 3 times since I left you, and I am so fed up. Most people I meet are so dull. The boys are all alike and leave no “colour” if you understand what I mean. You had, and that’s why I miss you. I quarreled with you more than with anybody else, but I think it was due to the fact that we resembled each other so very much, and there were 2 strong mills.

            The autumn term ends in a week, and I am going home for Osterseurd (?) the 16th. Do write me again now! (My address: Regementogaten 50.)

All my love



april 17th, 1953

St. Johannesg. 10A



My dearest Maj,

            Many thanks for your letter which I got only a few days ago when I returned from my Easter holidays in O.

            I can’t tell you how happy I am hearing that things have got arranged for you and that you feel all right again. It never a good job too and I do hope that you will like it and do your best. You have your chance now to show what you can, and you must succeed. Good luck!

            I promise you to send you a photo, but I can’t for the moment for I want it to be a good one and I haven’t got any now. I will send it to Karachi later on if you want me to. You know already that I want one of you! I want to see your face clearly (which I liked so much) now I can only recall it in my memory.

            I should like you do to a little thing for me before you leave Cambridge! Do you remember the brooch with the crest of Christ’s which you talked about?

I should so like to have one! Ana is going to see John in Cambridge this summer and I could ask her to buy it for me, but I want you to give it to me.

            Dearest Maj, you must continue writing to me even from Karachi. I want you always to write to me, even if there are years between letters. Remember that!

            Finally spring has come to Upsala, in “O Aersound there is still snow, and I am beginning to feel free and better in mind. I am hoping to go abroad this summer too but I don’t think I can afford it. Next summer I am probably going to Germany.

            Please Maj take care of yourself. It is rather awful that people one likes so much suddenly disappear out of one’s life just as you are doing now. But we must meet again! You’ll come to Europe in some years and then I’ll see you again.

All my love


Write to me soon!


new years eve 1953

New Years Eve

My dear Maj,

                        I have felt so happy all this day because of your letter, and I must write to you letter, and I must write to you now and leave a little lest (?). I even beat your night record, it’s half past 1, and I am the year of 1953 by writing to you just (?) what it means!

                        I have spent the evening with my family, and my Xmas has been very quiet too. My younger sister has just got engaged and we have been to dinner to her fiancé’s family, they have been here and so on! I have been to a few parties but I don’t care much. I left Upsala the 12th, was taken ill when I came home and had to stay in bed for a week. It’s a wonderful weather here now, plenty of sun, fresh and cold and tomorrow I am going to ski with more friends. Most probably I am leaving for Upsala the 7th to study again. I am sick of it! You know yourself how it can be. I wish I had finished my studies and could do what I wanted to.

            I got business cards from Majim and Tony (and you). I think it was very nice of them. Where is Raoul now? Did he ever say anything to you about that crazy evening?

            Maj it’s funny you know! I should like to call you darling but I can’t in a way. I don’t know why perhaps you can tell me! “Had we but time enough” I think we could have done things together. Haven’t you thought of it? I remember my last evening in Cambridge. I was silly! Perhaps you talked a little too much about your Danish girlfriend. Who kisses? It was not very clever for you to write ‘froken’ but you will leave to yell it õ instead of ø which in Danish

            Maj it is not too difficult for me to forgive you because deep inside me I know that I could never forget you and that you wouldn’t forget me either. You just had to write to me but I didn’t know when. It is strange how much I could hate you! You evoked strong feelings in me but hate isn’t for from love!

            You must believe me Maj when I tell you how much I want to see you again. If you can’t come to see me now before going back to India we’ll never meet again. We now it both. I think it is rather difficult to get you a job for a very short time, but I can look for one in Upsala (if you want me to!) if not I might be able to lodge you for more time at my future brother-in-laws. Anyway you have to pay your food in Cambridge too. Are you still working? I wish we had plenty plenty of money! Then it wouldn’t be a problem. I am longing for your kisses and hugs. You know how much I loved your mouth. I am even longing for a little quarrel with you (just a little one!)

Be crazy and try to come!

All my love


            P.S. I haven’t got any good photos for the moment but I’ll try to get one for you. when you see Eddie Anida please give him my love!

            I hope you’ve got my troll and that you like him. If he got too dry you can pour more water on him. Think that will help.



december 11th, 1954

Upsala. 11. 12. 1954

My dearest Maj!

            Many thanks for your letter which I got this morning. It was so nice to hear from you, I am sure we are going to correspond a very long time! Reading your letter I feel you so vividly beside me, almost as if I was in your arms, talking about moments in your bed! You wondered if I should like to kiss you now. I do hope that we’ll meet next summer, then you could make a try!! I think I should like to know about your new experiences.

            As for my present love life I leave more. I spent last summer in Kiel in Germany and there I had a German boyfriend with whom I am now corresponding, but that’s all.

            I am now studying German and I hope to leave finished my studies in March. I am afraid I can’t do you the (?) of not becoming a school teacher. At last I am going to try and see how it is for a time. As a school teacher here in Sweden I leave rather good condition, all summer free and about $100 a month. I think its rather good and I do need money now.

Darling Maj, I should like to see you! Yet I have no exact plan for the summer, perhaps I am going to Germany for a month but I don’t know. It all depends if I’ll be able to finish my studies here in March. Then I got to have a job to earn more money otherwise I must work in the summer.

            Your car is nice, I understand you enjoy having it. What about your cousin is she still in England! Aren’t you thinking of marrying? What about myself I think that the proper time for a marriage will be in about 4 years or so. Then, perhaps, I’ll feel steady enough. In any case I hope so! I think I am about the same as in Cambridge. Perhaps a bit wiser and more composed!

Thanks for the photos, you haven’t changed Maj and that’s nice. I am sending you a serious one, but if you another, I’ll send it to you later on.

            You know Maj, I should like something from you from Pakistan to look on and think it’s from you. Do you think it’s silly?

Do write soon Maj! I am wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and send you a nice kiss for Christmas present.